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August 21, 2014

Our tour of Denali National Park began at seven a.m. We piled into a green-painted school bus and headed north, paralleling the Alaskan range, with a very knowledgeable naturalist, Sonya, as our guide. Our route followed a valley dug by a massive glacier millennia ago.  The valley’s center was wetland and taiga forest, while sheer mountains bordered on either side

We hadn’t driven more than ten miles before we encountered our first moose.

August 8, 2014

     The first blog of an author should be about writing, this form of creation that separates human beings from all other animals. And so it shall be.

     Why do I write? Because I can. Like Everest for Hillary, writing is there for me. Dancers dance, painters paint, composers compose, singers sing, and writers write, and it's not because any of us have a choice.