The Transition World

F our astronauts return to Earth after a three-year absence while on the first manned expedition to Mars.

But the home they left behind no longer exists.

A lethal pandemic has obliterated eighty percent of the population and decimated the social and physical infrastructure of civilization. Pandemic survivors, their minds altered by post-traumatic stress disorder, have learned to be wary of strangers. Many survive only by ignoring all ethical codes and applying skills appropriate for their cave-man ancestors.

How do these former astronauts find meaningful existence in a chaotic anti-society so alien to them? Only by redefining their lives, questioning their values, and learning new survival skills can they adapt to this world in transition.

Writer’s Bio

A lain Gunn has been writing since high school, and has written in a wide diversity of styles. During high school, he published many articles as a sports stringer for two suburban Cleveland newspapers and was social editor of his high school yearbook.

During college, he wrote for the Yale Daily New and the Yale News in Review. As a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon, his writing became more academic, as he authored or co-authored forty-three scientific articles and several textbook chapters.

Latest books

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The Transition World
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