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Dark Paradise

Dark Paradise

W hen top local mystery writers collaborated to create Dark Paradise, a mix of suspenseful short stories set in their own Hawaiian backyards, mystery lovers were guaranteed an intriguing reading experience. Seventeen unique tales showcase a cast of characters that represents a melting pot of nationalities, strong family ties, expectations, fears and pleasures of living in the sunny and dark sides of Paradise.

Discover strange happenings around the Kaimuki district with Choices, a story that asks tough questions, and Kaimuki Murder Mystery, where a quiet Kaimuki neighborhood meets Rear Window. The Neighbor proves how hard it can be to deal with those living right next door.

Chinatown is always a great setting for a mystery. Palm It Off on Murder has you watching your back while your fortune is read. Champagne Twist lets you experience the fear of a woman when she realizes blackmail leaves her only one option. Follow private detective Jimmy Chan, Counterspy as he fights his way to solving a murder. Controlling Destiny uncovers what led to the death of a homeless woman. The Pacific Ocean can turn deadly, as witnessed during a Night Swim. Learn about the distracting nature of tattoos within the turmoil of Tsunami. Join Haunting Lono on a retrieval dive alongside Neptune. Experience the spirit of polo, Hawaiian style, while drones hover above nude sunbathers in He Was #2Die4.

In Waikiki, The Stranger sets the stage for unnerving tension with a mysterious telephone call. Wait for Me features P. I. Danny Morales, hot on the trail of bad guys. A young man searching for a flotation device finds more than he bargained for in Drifting. The sea reveals more than treasures for beachcombers strolling the shore in Tentacles of Death. Find out why having a pet python isn't unusual for Snake Lady. A lesson learned in Unresolved: Never wish someone dead unless you really, really mean it.


Dark Paradise---an anthology of short stories---deftly explores the underbelly of Hawaii from the perspectives of eleven diverse authors. This collection offers a deep sense of place from each writer, quite at odds with the typical “postcard Hawaii” familiar to tourists. The sights, sounds, and smells of some of the grittier Oahu neighborhoods come to life in these compelling narratives. Varying in style and tone, the individual tales intertwine and weave together into a fascinating tapestry. These ‘Mysteries in the Land of Aloha’ are a must-read for those seeking a more complete understanding of this island paradise! ★★★★★

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