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Island Fever

Dark Paradise

T he islands of Hawaii have long held visitors of all kinds in its thrall. When Spanish explorer Juan Gaetano stepped on their mystical shores in 1555, he knew there was something magical, yet tragically delicate about the islands and their people. He altered maps upon his return to Spain, hoping to keep Hawaii a secret from future voyagers. 200 years later, British sea captain, James Cook found the maps and set off on his legendary voyage of discovery in 1778.. Despite his best efforts to keep his sickly crew on board, they swam ashore and introduced disease to the islanders. From that point, Hawaii battled numerous fevers, all devastating to the Hawaiian population. Even now, modern disease threatens the way of life in the islands. What happens elsewhere in the world, happens in Hawaii. With catastrophic results. In Island Fever, eleven Hawaiian authors explore the many fevers that have ravaged the islands. From smallpox to COVID, from love to murder, Hawaiian life is explored as only these storytellers can describe it.

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