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The Titanium Rib

The Titanium Rib

A toddler was about to die, but two dedicated surgeons combined their skills to save his life.

This simple humanitarian beginning evolved into a seventeen-year struggle to develop a surgical implant—the Titanium Rib—that saved the lives of thousands of children world-wide and led to revolutionary changes in the treatment of small children with rib cage deformities

The titanium rib’s success came at a cost to both surgeons. Their dogged perseverance and utter dedication overcame impossible obstacles, but at a price.

This story has a happy ending. It shows what good and talented people fighting for a noble cause can accomplish.

But it is also a human story, a true story that depicts a reality in which not every person is wise and caring, societal norms can prevent common sense from being applied to the solution of lethal problems, and nothing good happens without a struggle.

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