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The Titanium Rib

The Titanium Rib

A toddler was about to die, but two dedicated surgeons combined their skills to save his life.

This simple humanitarian beginning evolved into a seventeen-year struggle to develop a surgical implant—the Titanium Rib—that saved the lives of thousands of children world-wide and led to revolutionary changes in the treatment of small children with rib cage deformities

The titanium rib’s success came at a cost to both surgeons. Their dogged perseverance and utter dedication overcame impossible obstacles, but at a price.

This story has a happy ending. It shows what good and talented people fighting for a noble cause can accomplish.

But it is also a human story, a true story that depicts a reality in which not every person is wise and caring, societal norms can prevent common sense from being applied to the solution of lethal problems, and nothing good happens without a struggle.


Wow! What an exciting tale! Lucid writing, well-developed characters, a gripping plot, and a fascinating and credible disaster scenario. The author has obviously spent a lot of time researching submarine operations. As a former naval officer, I can assure you that, although the author is a retired Army doctor, he has also mastered Navy lingo and procedures and gives a very credible account of life aboard a submarine. This is a great novel, deserving of wide recognition and a major publisher. It would also form the screenplay for a great movie. ★★★★★

This was a little different kind of book from Alain Gunn,but I have liked all of his other books so I knew I would like this one also. It's pretty exciting, and it is so realistic that you have to keep reading it to see what is going to happen The author is both a Yale physics graduate and an orthopedic surgeon, so he's brilliant, but he also has a great sane imagination and it's fun to get into his books and see where he carries us. The introduction to the book on Amazon tells us what it is about but once you get into it, you will get involved with the characters and the situations as though you were there. I thought this book was well written, the character development was good, and the plot was amazing, All in all, a great book. ★★★★★

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